The materials include several vehicles and materials like seldom-seen images.

Later in the year, the Design Museum in London will open a new exhibit called Ferrari: Under the Skin that will highlight the Prancing Horse’s history through rare images and documents that will showcase the company’s design, manufacturing, and engineering. The materials will be on display from November 15 to April 15, 2018. 

Ferrari fans in London will be able to look at early hand-sculpted design models in clay and wood. There will also be mechanical drawings of the brand’s vehicles, and some of Enzo Ferrari’s personal memorabilia will be on display. Visitors will also be able to check out a few of the brand's important vehicles. “Together, these artifacts and original documents provide an unprecedented study of automotive design,” according to the automaker.

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The rare images will be among the exhibits highlights. In the gallery below, you can see photos like Mick Jagger taking delivery of a 288 GTO and Steve McQueen with his 275 GTB. The whole collection looks like quite an impressive showcase of the company's history that most people would never get to see. An adult ticket into the exhibit is 18 pounds ($23 at current exchange rates)

If you want a complete view of Ferrari’s history, then it’s worth taking a trip to the Ferrari Museum of Maranello. The Under the Skin exhibit runs there through November 2017. The site also recently received a 6,458-square-foot (600-square-meter) expansion from an additional building bringing the total floor space to 44,132 square feet (4,100 square meters). The new wing connects to the main structure via a continuous glass facade. The museum showcases some of the most coveted Ferraris in the world, like the 250 GTO, F50, and many more.

Source: Ferrari

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