Could Gordon Murray's T.25 City Car be this century's Beetle? It certainly looks to have the potential. One of the central themes of the car is environmental friendliness in all its processes, from manufacture to operation. In other words it speaks to the now-generation, just like the Beetle spoke to the then-generation.

Murray is probably best known for designing the classic McLaren F1 three-seat supercar. Adopting that layout the T.25 is based around the idea of the driver being in the middle of the car. There are six different possible seat layouts which will satisfy different needs for specific times. Up to 750 litres of stowage space is available for the equivalent of six shopping trolleys.

Called the iCentre this driving position was first conceptualised by Murray in 1966 when he was a young student in South Africa. It was later implemented in the McLaren F1. The main advantage of the three-seat configuration with the driver at the centre is greater outside visibility. Of course this depends largely on the width and height of the car. They say the T.25 is quite narrow so it's ideal for this.

The driver will control motion functions using two pedals and buttons to go forward, backwards or to stay in neutral.

Murray's design group is still trying to find partners with whom they will produce the car using highly innovative processes that can save up to 80% of space invested in a typical manufacturing factory.


Gallery: Gordon Murray Reveals T.25 City Car Seating Layout

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