The all-electric SUV gains subtle, yet effective styling upgrades.

Shortly after supercharging the Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster to 970 horsepower, Novitec is back to show off an entirely different project. The Tesla Model X you see before your very eyes represents the tuner’s first stab at fiddling with an electric vehicle. The zero-emissions SUV has received a new aerodynamic body kit encompassing numerous carbon fiber body parts that have all been optimized in the wind tunnel.

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Novitec has managed to keep the Model X’s design clean and uncluttered without overdoing it compared to some other tuners that have the tendency to exaggerate. All of the new bits and pieces can either be painted in the same color as the body or can receive a glossy “naked” carbon look. Alternatively, customers can also opt for a contrasting hue to make the aftermarket parts stand out. From the front spoiler lip and rocker panels to the rear spoiler available in two designs, the SUV can be customized in many ways.

Should you want to further make the Model X a tad more special than the rest, there are “king-sized” 22-inch forged wheels provided by Vossen with a five titled double-spoke design. The wheels can be had in no less than 72 different colors and optionally with either a polished or brushed appearance to make them stand out even more.

The new shoes can be matched with carbon ceramic brakes available in two sizes, both providing superior stopping power than the stock wheels of the Tesla SUV. At the same time, these sets are also lighter, so it’s a win-win situation.

Rounding off the tweaks is a multitude of enhancements for the interior, including a choice of Alcantara or leather in just about any color.

Source: Novitec


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