Fun fact: the badge is 30 percent thinner than human hair.

Automakers are probably getting a kick out of teasing us with futuristic cars that are highly unlikely to morph into production models during our lifetimes, but Aston Martin is doing this differently with the Valkyrie. It may look like it is coming straight from 2050 to star in an upcoming Sci-Fi movie, but the hypercar co-developed with Red Bull Advanced Technologies is as real as it gets.

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Landing on our roads sometime in 2019, the Valkyrie is making the headlines once again to show off its updated body almost ready for production. Aston Martin through the voice of its Creative Director of Exterior Design, Miles Nurnberger, says the exterior is 95 percent ready, so basically what you see is what you get if you’re among the 150 people fortunate enough to claim one.

The Valkyrie was originally shown a year ago and since then the two companies have been perfecting the exterior to maximize aerodynamics while maintaining a desirable shape. Much attention was given to the F1-inspired headlights, which are actually 30 to 40 percent lighter than the clusters of any production Aston Martin on sale today.

To fully comprehend the focus on keeping it as light as possible, the wings badge is different than what the other Astons have. It’s manufactured out of a chemical etched aluminum only 70 microns thick, thus making it 30 percent thinner than a human hair and at the same time a whopping 99.4 percent lighter than the regular badge.

The minimalist interior cabin has been bathed in carbon fiber for the very seam reason: keep the weight down as much as humanely possible. The end result? An estimated curb weight of 1,030 kilograms (2,270 pounds) in a machine that will have at least 1,000 horsepower.

Besides those 150 road-legal cars we’ve mentioned, Aston Martin is also going to make 25 track-only vehicles that will be able to match the performance of an LMP1 car at the Silverstone circuit.

Color us impressed.

Source: Aston Martin

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