This could be the sweetest car story of the year.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled dose of automotive news for something completely different. Well, sort-of different, since this particular tidbit does feature cars, or rather, cakes that look like cars. Yes, that’s cakes, as in the yummy blocks of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry goodness we enjoy on birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and occasionally on a Tuesday evening after writing an article about cakes. So much for the diet.


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The Jalopnik crew stumbled upon this bakery in Japan, and we give them credit for having good taste in story selection. Ordinarily, covering a Japanese bakery might be biting off more than we can chew, but the fact that this place has a website with an English version suggests this isn’t just another specialty sweet shop.

It’s called Mcakes Japan, and the mastermind behind these surreal edible creations is a lady by the name of Megumi Suzuki. She started in 2008 after discovering rolled fondant, which apparently is a type of icing that can be used to make an edible Mad Max interceptor. Yeah, a freaking Mad Max Ford Falcon, and it even has the right air scoop on the blower. The car is cool enough, but having that kind of detail is just icing on the ... oh never mind.


Mcakes Japan cake cars


The Mcakes website has a cake gallery that is full of awesome automotive creations, some of which we have in a gallery below. As cool as the cars are, however, there are all kinds of other categories with designs that will blow your mind. The guitarists out there will love vintage Gretsch cake, and the Canon camera cake is just phenomenal. Admittedly the cat and dog cakes are a bit creepy, but you’ll forget about such things when you see the Millennium Falcon cake. Star Wars and Mad Max cakes ... in the same place? That’s it, we’re moving to Japan. Now.

Sadly, that’s what it will take to sample one of these incredible cakes. Mcakes does offer delivery in Japan, but as you might expect, such a delicate and time sensitive product would not survive the rigors of international shipping. That could be just as well, because we're not sure if we could even eat such artistic food.

Yeah, we could.

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Gallery: Mcakes Japan Cake Cars

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