Nissan re-submitted its Navara for Euro NCAP testing after initial testing put the vehicle in an extremely bad light. Results have now shown improvement over disastrous previous time.

The Nissan Navara has been awarded three stars by the Euro NCAP after its first outing with the safety testing centre let it down dismally. On February 26 Navara did an adult occupant protection in a reassessment test at Euro NCAP, but did not fare well due to the fact that its front air bags were delayed in deploying. This caused much understandable embarrassment to Nissan and its executives wasted no time in setting up another appointment with Euro NCAP in order to rectify the situation.

Nissan has since developed a modification to the software that controls air bag deployment. For this reason the new test has improved Navara’s safety score to three stars. The pickup also achieved maximum points for side impact protection, two stars for pedestrian protection. Now the upgraded software is available for download at local Nissan dealerships. Just goes to show how hi-technology can sometimes let a good product down.

Nissan Navara retested by Euro NCAP