We did say "glimpse". It may not look like much but our spies caught a glimpse of the next Ford C-Max's interior while they were out searching for excitement. Parts of the dashboard appear to have similar design elements as the Fiesta. The driver's hand rests on what looks like the gear lever which is elevated for easier reach.

The pictures have also given us the opportunity to see the rear door handle up close. Ford tried to provide a red herring by installing two rear door handles but only the front one looks operational. That all but confirms previous spy suspicions that the C-Max has a sliding rear passenger door. Whether it is electrically operated or not remains to be seen.

Rumour has it that Ford is planning to introduce the new people mover to US audiences in addition to existing European ones. Power will not only come from petrol and diesel engines but alternative sources as well. Gas has been whispered as a possibility for Europe while the US is likely to include some sort of direct injection EcoBoost engine for its range. The rest of the powertrain will be shared with the current Focus and the Kuga SUV.

We are probably going to see the new C-Max at the Paris International Motor Show next year.


Gallery: 2011 Ford C-Max: Glimpse of Interior Spied

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