Kia's SOUL concepts that were just unveiled at Geneva, can they now be production ready? These pictures claim as such, although a few inconsistencies exist between the renderings and actual pics. Plus some minor detail like concept-to-production timelines

Hard to believe that the three Kia concept cars we saw in Geneva hardly two weeks ago are now ready for production. Not since the Chrysler Crossfire would we have heard of such a fast concept-to-development phase. In fact, not since a cardboard model went from drawing to “construction”!

But here we are, looking at what appears to be Kia Soul, ready for production. But is it? Look at the two white renderings, how they have incorporated original Geneva-shown design with the “production ready” reality pics. Hard to believe that a car destined for the Paris Motor Show later in the year would already be in a garage getting ready for the masses.

The three concepts on which this is said to be based, are the SOUL Diva, SOUL Searcher and SOUL Burner.

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