BMW now supplies the most premium cars with all-wheel-drive to Europe. xDrive intelligent AWD cars sold a reported 320,900 units in '07, some 4,500 units more than the closest rival.

In an interesting news twist, BMW announced that it has become the dominant force in Europe when it comes to all-wheel-drive in the premium segment. You’ll recall that another German premium automaker has a more famous AWD system than BMW’s xDrive, but it seems customers are falling more for xDrive than they are of this other system. BMW sold 320,900 vehicles fitted with xDrive, a number said to surpass the nearest competitor by some 4,500 units.

You can certainly put this into context though, because the other competitors don’t have a car like the X3 in their model lineups for instance, though on the other hand they do offer AWD in segments were BMW does not offer xDrive. BMW itself has often claimed that xDrive is the fastest reacting AWD system in the world, reacting in milliseconds to changes that necessitate the transfer of torque between the axles and wheels. It is the evolution of the BMW AWD system that’s been around over 20 years.

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