Finally uncovered, we get our first really good look at the Mercedes-Benz E-Class AMG estate.

Spied during overnight testing in Germany is this, the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG wagon.  Caught almost completely unmasked, the AMG model is getting ever-closer to its debut in Frankfurt.

What we can see is that the front fascia remains untouched from the E 63 AMG sedan, including the split lighting, front lip, and LEDs.  At the back, we see larger rear light clusters, including many LEDs, and a hatch.  There may be a new rear bumper as well, but the quad exhaust tells the AMG heritage.

The wagon is expected to get the 6.3-liter (6208cc) V8 engine from AMG.  This engine currently produces 518 horsepower, and up to 630 Nm of torque.  However, this could be bumped up by 25 hp.  There is also rumor of a 600 hp new 6.4 to 6.9 liter engine from AMG on the way.

This new Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG wagon is expected to be introduced in two and a half weeks at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Mercedes Benz E 63 AMG Wagon Spied at Night