Besides beautiful images of the spider and the coupe meeting on an amazing road, price speculations have started. Expect them to be around £ 125,000

Topless pictures are always exciting, but videos tend to be more popular. If you think we are talking about women (we could also be doing it, but not here and not now), think again. This sentence suits perfectly well the new Alfa Romeo 8C Spider. We have already shown you all technical specs, gorgeous pictures and even the presentation video at the Geneva Motor Show, but those who have watched this presentation may have noticed that, on the background, a nice footage video, with the coupe and the spider, was being shown. Alfa Romeo took a while to release it, but here it is.

Besides the nice images, which show a road meeting of the two versions of the 8C in a wonderful scenery, there’s something else that might be of interest, both to ownership candidates and to World Car Fans in general: price tips. Magazines that have already had the chance to drive the car speculate the Spider will cost something above US$ 200,000, or between £ 120,000 and £ 130,000.

This high price tag is due to exclusivity and, of course, to what the car can do. First of all, only 500 Spider units will be built. Last, but not least, its body is made of carbon fibre and powered by a 450 bhp (at 7,000 rpm) V8 4.7-litre engine, the same one used for the coupe. Since these are the vehicles Alfa Romeo has chosen to get back to the most important car market in the world, the USA, they could present nothing below these standards.

Alfa Romeo Releases Video of 8C Spider in Motion