JE Design has released photos and full pricing and details of their take on the Seat Exeo ST. We have the breakdown inside.

JE Design has released a new set of photos and details about their latest model, the Seat Exeo ST.  Their intention was to turn the estate model into a sporty wagon, and they succeded.

In addition to tweaking the look, the company had their engineers work on engine upgrades.   The 2.0-liter TDI delivers 215 horsepower, up from 170, and 410 Nm of torque.  This figure is an increase from 350 Nm.  Also, the TSFI engine generates 245 hp, and 355 Nm from 280.

The tuners attached an aerokit that wraps around the entire vehicle.  In addition to the new front spoiler, grill (sans logo), and two-piece side skirts comes a customized rear diffuser and rear upper spoiler.  Other design modifications include the use of LED lamps in the door sills, stainless steel exhaust pipes, and a chassis lowered by 35 mm.  We do like the 19-inch graphite-colored wheels with a sporty multispoke design.

Inside, the car is kitted out in luxury leather, with the material also being used on the handbrake, shifter, and steering wheel.  On the seat backs, the new client can get whatever logo they like stitched into the seats.  Be careful what you choose: something unique will certainly pull down the resale value.  Different combinations of leather and stitching can be used.

Other options include heated and ergonomic seats, and a massage system.

Getting the works, including the TSFI engine and a WorldCarFans logo on the massage seats, costs 10,765 Euro.  Drop 200 from the cost for the TDI engine.  We would also ditch the expensive LED sill lamps to save about 800.  The full breakdown is in the release below.

JE Design releases SEAT Exeo ST details and photos