While waiting for the real thing the public can download this "rich, deep tonal repertoire" MP3 file of the Audi TT RS doing its thing. It's absolutely free so enjoy it.

Audi describes it as "a rich, deep tonal repertoire...". But until it is heard by the ear few words can properly describe it. Fortunately an MP3 of the TT RS clearing its throat and blasting off has been produced especially for download. The 53-second long file is attached for free download. There are two more version more suitable for ringtones available from Audi's site.

The TT RS is a thoroughbred performance car that will be sold in both Coupe and soft-top Roadster forms. Its engine is a 5-cyclinder turbocharged unit able to kick out 250kW (340hp) and 450Nm of torque. As the TT flagship it holds a special place in its maker's model range and significantly enters the market during Audi's centennial year.

Five-cylinder engines are part of Audi's long racing tradition having been used in World Rally Championship-winning quattros of the 1980s. The return of this layout is being celebrated through an ad campaign led by Audi's long-time advertising agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty.

Some commercial inserts will feature a new song composed by Neil Barnes from the band Leftfield and Nic Rapaccioli, a DJ also involved with the band. These guys used sounds from the TT RS's engine running at different speeds to create the melodic tunes of the song. The final product is a blend of real music and engine notes that the public can have for free.

DOWNLOAD HERE:   TT-RS_Soundtrack_53sec.mp3