F1's governing body late on Wednesday published the sporting and technical regulations for the 2010 season.

The headline amendments are the removal of the highly contentious budget cap and two-tier elements, but it was also confirmed that Bernie Ecclestone has once again failed to have his 'medals' scoring system implemented.

'Q3' qualifying, meanwhile, will be contested with low-fuel, with the FIA confirming that refuelling "during a race is forbidden".

A mooted increase in testing for 2010 has not materialised, with only eight straight-line tests and limited running on "promotional" tyres excluded from the strict in-season testing ban.

Additionally, wind tunnel testing is limited to 60 per cent (or smaller) scale models, and tunnel speeds capped at 50 metres per second.

Tyre-warming blankets, however, have survived, and the eight-engines-per driver regulation remains in force despite speculation of a move to five engines.

Also remaining the same is the one-gearbox-per-four-races rule, but the car-plus-driver limit has increased to 620kg, with KERS to remain officially legal in 2010 despite the FOTA agreement to not use the energy-recovery systems.



Gallery: FIA publishes 2010 sporting and technical F1 regulations

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