Tesla Motors has released new photos of the high performance Roadster Sport. We have extra details and pictures of a real model to complement the previously published 3D renderings.

It features a simpler motor which is said to produce more power while at the same time being more efficient. The car will have options such as clear coated carbon fibre rear spoiler and hood louvres plus an adjustable suspension system.

Inside improvements and changes include an upgraded interior with more carbon fibre detailing, premium leather, a push-button gear selector, which replaces the aluminum gear lever, an enclosed locking cubby hole/ glove box and a centre-mounted touch screen. The video display unit gives off information like the car's current estimated range and how many barrels of oil have been saved through driving the Tesla, a good way to impress any "green" conscience.

Official figures declared way back in January said the Roadster Sport could sprint from 0 - 60mph in 3.7 seconds. The motor is able to rev up to 14,000rpm and delivers zero emissions through its all-electric powertrain. Base prices were announced as US$128,500 for North America and €112,000 (excluding VAT) for the European market.


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