The UK is getting loaded this spring with a 1,115kg payload, and 3,000kg towing capacity from its 2.5-litre diesel motor. Three body styles are available, as well as 4x4 capability for those who relish the idea of taking their workhorses out to the Highla

Nissan’s new powerful NP300 pickup is Euro 4 compliant, on top of the fact that it has a 2.5-litre diesel motor that promises not to smoke too much. Said engine is good enough to make a heady 133 bhp and 304Nm of pulling power.

Renamed NP300, the Nissan pickup will come in three body styles; Single cab, king cab and double cab. Single cab is pretty self-explanatory. Two people upfront, loadbox behind (see red vehicle with logs at the back). Not very sophisticated, but not meant to be either. It is a workhorse after all. King cab is the next option, offering space for two upfront plus loading space just the seats. Rear load box is thus compromised, albeit minimally. The last body style is double cab which can absorb up to five adults, or eight, depending on the country in question.

A 5-speed gearbox is paired with the diesel engine, in addition to the limited slip diff. All versions can be ordered with 4x4 option for those days when you just have to beat the off-beat track. And just because you’ve been ferrying live pork around doesn’t mean you must smell it too, so air-conditioning is there, CD/radio combo, power windows to sneer at drivers just passed (right), electric mirrors and keyless entry.

The NP300 will be showcased at the Comercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham from 15 – 17 April 2008.

Nissan NP300 Pickup to Launch at CV Show Next Month (UK)