Pebble Beach is witnessing the special unveiling of the Bugatti Grand Sport Sang Bleu, a one-off example with a unique blue carbon fibre/ aluminium body.

Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S., a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, is one of two brands from that company celebrating their 100th anniversaries this year. In order to enhance the celebratory mood Bugatti has revealed a one-off Grand Sport called the Sang Bleu. Other models include the Sang Noir, the Bleu Centenaire and the Fbg par Hermès.

Based on the Grand Sport roofless body type, the Sang Bleu has innovatively used the two-tone theme not by utilising paint but by applying two different bodywork materials.

Carbon fibre and aluminium is the contrasting combination which the company says has embodied its core values of art, form and technique. The colours chosen for the combo were blue - hence the name - for the carbon fibre while the aluminium is polished in its natural state. The large wheels are highlighted in midnight blue and a diamond cut two-tone finish.

Newly-developed Gaucho leather was the one selected for use in the interior to help create an elegant and harmonious appearance. It was chosen particularly for the Sang Bleu's public unveiling at Pebble Beach.

The car's engine is the same quad-turbo W16 with 736kW (1001hp) and 1250Nm of torque found in other Veyron models. Of the 300 planned units, over 250 have been built and 215 delivered to buyers globally. The Grand Sport range itself has seen an uptake of just over 20 examples so far.