Hofele unveils a mild facelift of the pre-facelift Porsche Cayenne (955). A number of OEM parts have been installed to facilitate this look which combines Turbo and GTS expressions. These include front Cayenne Turbo indicators, central mesh, mesh on the left and right as well as a Turbo air guide. The tuner prefers the installation of air streamers on the central part of the front bumper for Turbo and Turbo S models. For the normal Cayenne and Cayenne S this feature is merely recommended.

Owners of the pre-facelift Cayenne could choose to use their existing fog lamps with the new bumper. Front fenders and headlights remain the same. The Porsche logo does not come with the package but can be optionally placed on the new bumper.

The new rear look is suitable for cars with or without PDC. It consists of Hofele double tailpipes and a lower metal bumper bracket. Even with these changes the original taillights and the upper bumper part of the 955 will stay as they are. The tailpipes are made of steel, they have a 100mm inner radius and a 90mm outer radius. Heat resistant Composite Compound-Polyester-material with Carbon / Kevlar inlays is used.


Gallery: Hofele Cayenne Turbo/GTS styling conversion for pre-facelift Porsche 955

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