Vorsteiner has unveiled their new GTS3 styling package for the BMW E90/E92 M3.

Consisting of a new front bumper and hood, the package gives M3s an aggressive appearance without being overly garish. The bumper has an expanded center air intake, a downward extension (that lowers the car visually), redesigned side air vents, and a replaceable one-piece carbon fiber front splitter. Options include carbon fiber construction, "dry vacuumed woven plastic" construction, and a two-piece carbon fiber front splitter.

Available exclusively for the E92 M3, the GTS3 hood features dual air vents, a "power dome", tighter lines, and rolled carbon fiber edges. Like the bumper, the hood can also be ordered with carbon fiber construction (single or dual sided).

Pricing information wasn't released, but style as good as this rarely comes cheap.

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