The Subaru R1e employs state-of-the-art, fast-charge lithium ion battery technology that eliminates typical lithium ion battery issues of charge memory loss

New York Power Authority to drive it all summer

This week at the New York International Auto Show Subaru will announce that their small electric vehicle, the R1e, will be evaluated by the New York Power Authority all summer. Of course, the Subaru R1e will be on show at the NYIAS.

The Subaru R1e is not a new car, it has been thoroughly tested in Japan where it has won the ‘2006 Commendation For Global Warming Prevention Activity’ award. The 2+2 small car has been developed by Subaru, Tokyo Electric Power and NEC Lamilion Energy. Tokyo Electric Power hopes to have 3,000 R1e's on the Kanagawa prefecture roads by 2012.

The R1e electric vehicle has a range of 50 miles, roughly a quarter of the Tesla Roadster which went into production yesterday, but can be 'quick charged' in 15 minutes to 80% capacity (40 miles). A full recharge requires a regular power outlet, takes 8 hours and should cost no more than USD 2.

The Subaru R1e is powered by a 40 kW / 53 hp, AC permanent magnet synchronized electric engine and capable of a tops speed of 65 mph. The lithium-ion batteries are designed in layers to allow for easy recycling at the end of their 10 year life span.

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