New front grill and bumper as well as rear apron on offer from German tuner for the A3 Cabriolet.

German tuner Hofele has a few added touches for your Audi A3 cabriolet.

For the face of the always adorable A3 convertible, the single-frame front bumper provides for a GTS-look, featuring large air intakes on each end. The GT-bumper also includes a fog-light kit which can be ordered separately.

Hofele also has its own S3-like, sporty front grill in both black and silver for those who want something more than just a change in bumper.

At the back, a new rear apron is offered which can be simply glued to the existing one of the A3 non-top. This "Diffusor" is made out of PKG material and is offered for both a quad sport exhaust system or for the serial one from the standard production model.

Caps for the headlamps washer are also to be had and the Hofele badge to be placed next to the A3 moniker on the rear hatch offers another subtle touch.


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