The Porsche 911 ultimately defined the Porsche look. But these days it seems the Panamera is the one taking this design language forward. Seen here are the latest and clearest spy pictures of the upcoming 2011 Cayenne yet.

The only parts that are fully covered are the front and rear ends but happily the protruding headlights are fully-Panamera compliant. The rear lights are new and so is the third window, taped up as it is. While the Cayenne is still an SUV it looks more compact now perhaps as a response to the general auto industry trend of sizing down.

Porsche has been testing the vehicle over many different parts and surfaces, even going as far as putting it on the Nürburgring. After all, it still is a Porsche and as such is expected to handle a certain way. Plans are to make it lighter and more fuel efficient. The current model features a turbo diesel motor as one of its engines so that idea should carry into the next model. A Cayenne hybrid version is in the cards too.

Production is scheduled to begin in 2010 with the first customer deliveries to take place later in the year. A production version is sure to be exhibited during one of the major international shows, including Los Angeles.


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