iMotormag shrinks a collection of supercars to see which ones work best as minis. Have a look at the baby versions of Ferrari, Porsche and other models.

iMotormag does the incredible shrinking supercar.

Hot on the heels of Aston Martin introducing its Cygnet Concept car, modeled after the Toyota IQ, our estimable car-compatriots over at iMotormag have created this wonderfully useful shrinking gizmo to provide for the same compact-ization of other supercar models.

Have a look see. Don't they all, inevitably, end up looking like a cartoon car in a Disney/Pixar production? They are all so invariably cute.

Baby supercars, yes, this is the future of the high-performance automotive realm.

Seriously, not even that very real Aston Martin Cygnet Concept stands much of chance to ever make it to production. Just ask Mercedes-Benz how well their little enterprise with Swiss watchmaker Swatch has gone in their co-creation of the Smart brand. That (ad-)venture has yet to yield a profit after more than a decade.

Now, here's an idea on how to make this a money-maker. Call up Disney and Pixar and get someone to write a script for a children's film production about baby supercars. Then get a merchandising deal for those tiny, cuddly toy cars and rake in the millions. Building real DB9's will become an afterthought once they get a taste of how lucrative milking movie product tie-ins can be.

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