Hybrid system will likely debut in the Gallardo model and feature either a V10 or V12 engine coupled to an electric motor.

A Lamborghini hybrid? How exactly would that work? As in, what can a legendary supercar-maker like Lamborghini do with that kind of technology other than shaving a few points off their fuel-economy numbers?

Well, the details are few, but Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann has told the Germany auto industry weekly Automobilwoche that the technology could first make it to the Gallardo model and that we could see a Gallardo hybrid by 2015.

What details we do have are that the Gallardo hybrid will come with either a V10 or V12 engine, with the car running solely on electric power at low speeds, such as in city driving. That is also saying that the system will not be the same as the current hybrid drives being experimented with in Formula One racing, which are designed to provide bursts of power at a given time.

Could it be that Lamborghini was...inspired...by Ferrari's recent announcement that they would be developing a hybrid drivetrain to be introduced by 2015 too?

One thing Winkelmann has ruled out is a fully-electric Lamborghinis. They can leave that part of the market to Tesla.


Lamborghini hybrid due in 2015