A couple of days after being caught under wraps, automotive artist Jon Sibal has quickly conjured up a rendering of the BMW Vision Z Concept car. It is a rushed job so be kind.

Hardly a day has gone by since pictures of the BMW EfficientDynamics Vision / Vision Z were released into the Internet. Yet well-regarded automotive artist Jon Sibal has created a full rendering of the car based on the covered images. It is a rushed job as you can probably tell, something the artist fully admits.

Using the trusted Photoshop digital tool Sibal went underneath the car's skin and imagined what details could be hidden there. The front end features an upturned kidney grille, a sharp headlight area, the traditional BMW "Hoffmeister kink" on the C-pillar (but with a new shape surround). The rims did not impress the artist and so he replaced them with something that was better suited to his tastes. As the concept is missing side mirrors, so is the rendering.

Frankfurt is fast approaching and we look forward to seeing if Sibal has kept his design mojo on this one as well. More such pictures or even more revealing ones may yet turn up after it was reported that the leaked ones were taken subsequent to a BMWweb.tv photo shoot.

Official words from BMW indicate that the concept will redefine the sports car segment with its innovative technologies in many auto spheres. Should we hold our collective breaths?

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