Hennessey Performance has just brought back the Dodge Challenger it sent to the gym, and boy did it break a sweat! Bigger engine, bigger muscle; it all boils down to the 725 bhp achieved with a turbo in hand. Welcome Hennessey Challenger SRT700.

Hennessey is apparently not happy with what Dodge has provided for its new millennium Challenger, among other cars, and has set out to rectify things the Hennessey way. Therefore what you are about to read is a true account of how things stand as far as a vehicle called the SRT700 Turbo is concerned.

Starting off with a 426 ci motor that strokes forged aluminum pistons, forged steel connecting rods, a 426 stroker crankshaft, polished intake manifold and a balanced rotating assembly, Hennessey then built upon this mighty house that’s clearly not founded on sandy land.

Added is a single 67mm turbo that works alongside a stainless steel turbo Y pipe, a single 44mm wastegate and a front-mounted intercooler. You know at some point, probably soon after turning the ignition, things are getting’ hot up in here!

How hot exactly? Try 725 bhp hot. Or 750 lb-ft of torque hot. It’s all downhill from there as the Challenger SRT700 literally charges down the road from naught in a matter of 3.5 seconds to reach 60 mph. The old school performance measurement of quarter mile is covered in 11.3 seconds at a speed of 126 mph, with the SRT700 stopping clock at 190 mph.

At these levels of showmanship a car can begin to shed a few screws here and there, let loose one or five bolts in all the wrong places. So Hennessey is providing an upgraded engine management system, pro installation as well as a one year limited warranty. If you should happen upon one of these on the road know that it’s one of only 25 to be made. Other challengers are welcome.

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