The highest degrees of personalisation are expected of a car like the upcoming Grand Bentley. Such customisation increasingly includes the choice of paint, which is what this clip is all about.

Bentley's upcoming Grand Bentley is surely going to be one of the most exclusive cars on the planet. Just watch promotional video number 6 for some evidence. It is narrated by one Melinda June-Jenkins, Colour and Trim manager at Bentley. What she's basically explaining is that her department takes as much pride in its own work as does the rest of the company in Crew.

Paint engineers painstakingly scrutinise their product until they are satisfied that it is perfect. A mix of both skilled labour and high technology is relied on to get the job done. According to June-Jenkins it can take up to three weeks just to complete the painting process, even more depending on the extent of the car's individualisation. She concludes by stating that her team can pretty much create any colour that a customer desires. Question is, is there such a thing as too much choice?