Next AMG Black Series based on the Mercedes E-Class Coupe is on the way. The next generation C63 AMG will be getting a power boost to between 500 and 525 bhp.

Our esteemed colleagues at AutoCar have the scoop on some future plans by AMG, and it seems the Mercedes-Benz performance division is holding fast to its promise of no longer engaging in 'horsepower wars'.

AMG is developing a new Black Series version of the Mercedes E-class coupe, which will achieve performance gains by means of weight reduction and engine-management technologies. The aim will be to improve driving dynamics rather than shaving milliseconds off the 0 to 100 km/h clock.

What there won't be is a standard AMG E-Class coupe nor a C-Class saloon Black Series, since AMG wants to restrict limited series models to two-door vehicles.

Getting a substantial power boost, though, is the C63 AMG, currently the horsepower "loser" of the AMG lineup with "only" 457 bhp. An AMG engineer told AutoCar that the next C63 AMG will have a horsepower rating of between 500 and 525 bhp. The same source also said that the C63 won't be getting the 7-speed Speedshift MCT transmission seen in the E63 ans SL63, even though it would fit the model.


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