2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee has added a tall list of cool gadgets, including the MyGIG infotainment system with its 20GB HDD. UK gets it now.

Nowadays if you are driving a mid-sized SUV in the US, or in Europe and the rest of the world, a large SUV, you probably aren’t driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee. The model is not as hot as it used to be, while Chrysler’s ongoing financial woes aren’t helping the situation either.

Jeep is now working hard at getting those bums back on to Grand Cherokee seats, starting with the new upgraded 2008 model. The list of stuff you get with this vehicle is as tall as tales previously reserved for unscrupulous politicians. MyGIG infotainment system is probably top of the list with its endless capabilities like MP3 playability, Bluetooth, 20GB integrated hard drive and DVD player.

New looks go with the new stuff, looks like softer dashboard materials, new interior colours, new instrument cluster and a better-adjustable steering wheel column. Exterior also makes some changes to stand out from the unface-lifted model, like the new grille design and new headlamps.

Hill Descent is quite a nifty little technology that helps “hold” the vehicle still on a steep, making it possible to move off without rolling back, even with a trailer in tow. Real nifty. A new model line called S-Limited gets introduced too, with looks obviously borrowed from SRT-8 like “arrowhead”18-inch alloy wheels, SRT body-coloured wire mesh front grille and body-coloured wing mirrors.

The United Kingdom gets this Jeep Grand Cherokee upgrade immediately.

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