Now that the A8 is practically here, we get the first chance to see the A7 Sportback on video.

Audi remains quite busy at making sure that it has a cutting-edge range of four-doors. The sheet is practically off the latest A8, and now it's time for development of the next-gen A7 Sportback to begin in earnest. A new spy video shows the shapely sedan with some production-spec body panels, unlike previous images.


Audi A7 spy video

Audi’s camouflage hides the details of the new A7’s design, but the front end looks a lot like Marc Lichte’s sketch (see below) of the next-gen vehicle’s face. A hexagonal grille has short, sharp edges along the top that matches the headlights’ angular contours. A pointed lower intake accentuates the face’s knife-like appearance.

Next-generation Audi A8, A7, A6 official design sketch

Contrary to an earlier rumor, the new A7 doesn’t appear to abandon it’s downward sloping tail. The curvy shape might be a little less pointy, but the overall look is still there. This video also shows the back with a spoiler extended that’s also akin to the current car. The boxy rear fender flares are an attractive touch, too.

There are no images of the A7’s cabin yet, but reports indicate the interior follows Audi’s move to high-tech interiors with digital instrument panels and capacitive buttons.

Like the next-gen A6, the new A7 rides on the MLB Evo platform, which should contribute to a drop in weight. A rumor indicates that Audi could swap to powerplants with the company's electric-powered compressors.

The new A7 arrives late in 2017 and should be on sale in 2018. The sedan is the one with the most radical styling changes among the upcoming sedans, according to designer Marc Lichte. The more conventional look for the next A6 would debut a few months later in 2018.

Source: PhocarMedia

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