BMW will unveil the facelifted 3 Series Coupe and Convertible at the Frankfurt Motor Show. These are the spy shots of both models sporting their modified front and rear ends.

Just over a year ago BMW unveiled the facelifted 3 Series sedan. The time will soon come for the Coupe and the Convertible to show their faces in full too. But for now we must satisfy our curiosity with these spy pictures of both models doing final testing before their public debut at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Modifications include a new front bumper, headlamps, LED rear lights and a new rear bumper. Previous spy pictures showed only the front bumper in disguise but these snapped shots show the true changes. Both models will exhibit these changes when unveiled in September.

Since BMW has a habit of escorting a new product launch or update with a new engine or an upgraded one, our curiosity is running at full speed trying to figure out which new powerplant will accompany these cars. That information might leak out ahead of the show. If not then the wait will be a long one.