Audi dealer claims R8 Spider will come with same 525 hp 5.2 liter V10 engine as the R8 V10. Dealer says the price of the model will be £105,000 (or $173,500 / €122,700).

An Audi dealer in the U.K. seems a little anxious to start selling the R8 Spider.

Stafford Audi has posted a classified ad and claims to have begun taking orders on the prospective Audi R8 Spider. The low-resolution photograph, pictured in this story, has been used in the ad. It features a soft-top version of the R8.

But that photo comes from a film set. It's an R8 convertible being used in the movie Iron Man 2, sporting what appears to be a California license plate that says 'Stark'. For what the real R8 Spider will look like, we will have to wait until the Frankfurt motor show in September where Audi has said the Spider will be unveiled. Or until the Geneva auto show in March 2010, if the debut is delayed, as often happens with such supercar models.

One has to wonder what Audi thinks of this dealer and whether they will take any action against the franchise. After all, how exactly did Stafford Audi arrive at the price it has set for the R8 Spider £105,000 (or $173,500 / €122,700)?

The dealership claims the R8 Spider will only be coming with the 525 hp, 5.2 liter V10 engine of the R8 V10 model. But an Audi spokesperson has previously said the R8 Spider would also come with the 420 hp, 4.2 liter V8.

Sounds like this dealership is getting ahead of itself. But sooner or later the model will make it to their showroom.



UK Audi dealer taking R8 Spider orders via classified ad