SAAB's product plans stretching up to 2017 have surfaced. They reveal such cars as a 9-4 SUV, a SAAB Mini called the 9-1, the retro Sonett and some electric power.

A document published in a big feature by Auto Motor & Sport (Sweden) reveals some interesting plans laid out for the new SAAB company. Now under fellow Swedish automaker Koenigsegg's care, SAAB's latest 9-5 sedan was recently shown. But in order to get back into quirky people's hearts it needs more than just the 9-5. It needs new product and it needs it fast.

The said document was compiled by AMS. However, it is not clear at this stage how much of it is fact and how much is wishful thinking. Nevertheless the AMS crew did spend some time in Trollhattan, SAAB's automotive headquarters, in order to prepare for the feature.

Here are the basics covered:
2010 will see the new 9-5 sedan being launched after breaking cover at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. The new 9-4 compact SUV will follow suit, taking on Audi's Q5, BMW's X3, Mercedes-Benz's GLK and Volvo's XC60. Lastly a facelift for the 9-3 is on the cards and it will focus more on the interior than the outside.

2011 introduces the 9-5 Sportcombi and start/stop technology comes to SAAB for the first time.

In 2012 a brand new 9-3 is revealed. SAAB is also introduced to the mini premium hatch segment when the 9-1 comes alive. The car is said to be developed in corporation with the BMW Group, but at which level is not clear.

The year 2013 will usher in a crossover vehicle based on the 9-5 Sportcombi. The 9-3 Convertible also goes public in 2013 possibly featuring the 9-X Air Concept's new roof system.

By the time 2015 rolls around SAAB would be confident enough to venture into the semi-exotic by bringing back the outrageous Sonett brand from the 1960s and 1970s, as well as producing that bold looking car at the top of the Sonett. The company will also be mixing it with the electric boys with its own zero-emissions models.

2017 brings it all into full circle when the new-generation 9-5 is introduced.


Speculative SAAB Product Plan to 2017 Surfaces