Ohio-based Switzer Performance brings an 800hp package for customers of the current Porsche 911 Turbo. Mods include custom intercoolers, ECU software and an upgraded carbon clutch package.

Tym Switzer's tuning crew is at it again. After bringing the 588kW (800hp) Porsche GT2-based P800 to the world the brand came under pressure from customers of the AWD 911 Turbo (997TT) who wanted the same amount of power and performance from their cars.

Switzer was not about to let them head off elsewhere so the crew set about making the necessary changes to increase power from the standard 353kW (480hp) to the demanded 588kW (800hp). The car is now said to be capable of a sub-3 second 0 - 60mph time and a consistent 10.5 second quarter mile.

"The P800 kit for the GT2 evolved from the SLEDGEHAMMER project car that ran in the 9s last year," said Tym, "that was a race-gas package, but as the program developed, we were able to move to a more streetable package and keep the factory DME, unlike the SLEDGEHAMMER, which used a stand-alone system. Other than that, everything that made the SLEDGEHAMMER so special is still right there in the P800 GT2, and it's still right there in this 997."

The package includes custom GT30 turbos that come with custom billet compressor wheels on ball-bearing center sections in lightweight stainless housings, custom intercoolers, ECU software, competition-style exhaust and headers, an upgraded carbon clutch package and an electronic boost control. All Switzer Performance dealers now have the package available for sale.

800 hp Switzer L5 PKG Based on Porsche 997 Turbo