Fans of the Chrysler PT Cruiser will be overjoyed to learn that their favourite retro-style hatch is not going out of production anytime soon.

Good news for Chrysler PT Cruiser fans is that the new Chrysler Group LLC will not stop production of this retro-styled small car. Chrysler's Group Toluca assembly plant in Mexico will continue to be the exclusive world supplier of this hard-to-categorise hatch.

"The heritage-styled Chrysler PT Cruiser continues to be a global success story," said Peter Fong - President and Chief Executive Officer, Chrysler Brand and Lead Executive for the Sales Organization, Chrysler Group LLC. "With more than 1.3 million PT Cruisers sold in more than 60 countries since 2000, we're excited to announce we're re-energising the iconic and award-winning PT Cruiser."

So expect to see more versions joining the existing PT Dream Cruiser Series, the Flames, Woodie, PT Dream Cruiser Series 1, 2, 3 and 4, PT Turbo and Chrome Accents models, the Convertible and others.


Chrysler PT Cruiser Lives on