Agnes and AJ Miragliotta met because of their shared passion for the Volkswagen GTI, so it only made sense to make the car a part of their wedding.

The Volkswagen GTI stands as the benchmark of the hot hatch segment. While some competitors are quicker, the performance-oriented variant of the Golf continues to offer an impressive mix of power, luxury, and affordability. The potent combination gives the model a loyal fan following. Two of them – Agnes and AJ Miragliotta – used their favorite car as the theme for their wedding last fall.

VW GTI Wedding

The couple met in 2015 when Agnes sold a set of GTI taillights to AJ. They started talking through a VW enthusiast group on Facebook, and one of their dates even involved taking their GTIs to a local park for a photo shoot. Their shared passion for hot hatches was the spark that led to them marrying.


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Both of them have been longtime GTI fans. AJ owns a Mk5 model, and Agnes has a customized Mk6 model with green, powder-coated wheels that she calls the TurboTurtle.

“Simply put, the GTI led us to finding each other. So, it made perfect sense to create an ode to Volkswagen as a match-making brand,” she told Volkswagen.

VW GTI Wedding

Agnes planned the wedding, and she made sure there were a ton of nods to her favorite car. The bride sourced tartan fabric like their GTI’s cabins, and a seamstress used it for making AJ’s vest and the bow for her dress. Their wedding rings’ color take inspiration from their first Mk5s – Black Magic Pearl for him and Reflex Silver for her, and a red stripe on both. The groomsmen wore plaid ties, too.

The reception included even more VW-related touches. For example, the centerpieces included die cast GTIs, and one of the cakes featured a tartan exterior. Agnes also created custom “GTI Do” menus for the meal.

“The TurboTurtle has seen over 106,000 miles of hills, valleys, prairies and canyons. And no matter how large our family grows, it will remain an essential member,” Agnes told VW. 

Source: Volkswagen

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