A Ferrari fan has given the new 458 Italia more colours. Some are close to known Ferrari hues while others are probably not what a true Tifosi would like on his car. You decide.

A user on the Ferrarichat forum reckons that a good car design looks good with any colour. So he went off and took Maranello's latest for a brief Photoshop session. Coming out of that we see that the new 458 Italia will certainly look good in most of the colours, or at least interesting. There are traditional Ferrari colours he used and there are others which would probably never be found on a legitimate Prancing Horse. That lime comes to mind. Nevertheless maybe owners of heavily modified hatchbacks who are shooting up in the world might want a 458 that matches their boy racer, colour for colour. Who knows.

Ferrari introduced the 458 earlier this week as the replacement for the outgoing F430. As has been reported, it features a normally aspirated 4.5-litre V8 with 419kW (570hp) and 540Nm of torque. The gearbox is a 7-speed double-clutch. The 0 - 100km/h dash is covered in 3.4 seconds and top speed is 325km/h.


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