The 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show that's coming up in September appears to be gaining some significant momentum in as far as product is concerned. Major automakers will make big announcements there and BMW is set to be one of them. A new sports car concept will be unveiled by Bavaria at the show and it is said to offer a future solution for current C02 challenges posed by cars.

What exactly this car will be made from is unknown for now, that is, if it will be constructed from light alloys, some form of plastic composite or both, or whether it is a hybrid or a full-on electric drive vehicle. One system it will have is EfficientDynamics Vision which will carry sustainable concepts not only in the drivetrain but in its design as well as materials used. BMW aims to inject a good dose of human and financial muscle to ensure this car becomes the platform for future "sheer driving pleasure" combined with environmental friendliness.

Several reports have claimed this car's existence before with some saying it will use a modified version of the company's 3.0-litre petrol turbo engine and others suggesting other power sources.

NB: Picture is the M1 Homage Concept


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