German tuner Carlsson gives the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class a place to spend some serious tuning dough.

First off is the RS-kit, meant to provide some new duds as well as some aerodynamic flow to the GL-Class. A new radiator grill and bonnet attachments give the GL a meaner look while the electro-polished stainless steel grill inserts there, as well as on the front lip and front and side skirts, provide for some distinguishing touches. New headlamps and LED daytime running lights are also part of the package. The GL aerodynamic kit goes for 8,499 euros, not including VAT.

Carlsson does a little suspension lowering on the GL too. The Carlsson engineered C-Tronic SUSPENSION (available for 1,099 euros, exlcuding VAT) allows for a lowering of 30 millimeters while offering continuous ride-adjustment by reading road conditions.

Also improving handling are the 22-inch, single-cast, light alloy wheels called the 1/11 Evo Brilliant Edition. The set come with 295/35 R 22 performance tires from Dunlop and can be had for the formidable price of 4,189 euros (excluding VAT).

Under the hood, Carlsson works a substantial amount of power improvement into the GL-Class through the use of a sport air filter and some engine electronics trickery. The top of the line GL 500 gets a power boost from 388 hp (285 kW) to 435 hp (320 kW) while taking torque from 530 to 600 Nm. Price tag: 3,192 euros (excluding VAT).

Diesel tuning comes a little cheaper. For 1,299 euros (excluding VAT), Carlsson will take your GL 420 CDI's 306 hp (225 kW) and dial it on up to 354 hp (260 kW). The 320 CDI also gets a booster shot to take its 224 hp (165 kW) to 269 hp (198 kW). Somehow, this costs more (1,499 euros, excluding VAT) that tuning on the larger 420 CDI. Go figure.


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