New Skoda Superb wagon is set to debut at the Frankfurt motor show in September and will go on sale in Europe next spring.

It's the Skoda Superb Kombi. The wagon for the non-badge conscious.

Here is a series of spy shots that show the upcoming Superb wagon with no noticeable camouflage. Maybe Skoda need all the publicity they can get for their new models. Hey, it's a VW in all but badge and you get a decent discount on it. The real question is why more people aren't buying them.

What will the Superb Kombi offer?

A series of 1.4 liter power plant variants (VW Group's 1.4 liter TSI), starting at 125 hp and inching on up to the 170 hp neighborhood, as well a 3.6 liter V6 with 260 hp. That's on the petrol/gasoline side. In the diesel range will be TDI variants delivering between 105 and 170 hp with plenty of torque too.

Gearbox offerings will depend on the engine, with the Superb wagon coming with either a 5 or 6-speed transmission with DSG as an option. Skoda will also be providing the Superb Kombi with an all-wheel drive system (optional) care of Swedish supplier Haldex.

Imagine a Superb wagon with a 3.6 liter, 260 hp V6, DSG gearbox and all-wheel drive. That's starting to look pretty luxurious. Certainly it's and good value for money. And you do know there's a recession on?