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It's not often that Jeremy Clarkson doesn't find an excuse to dislike what is usually a fine automobile. This video is fun to watch simply to see Clarkson gushing over the new BMW Z4 even as he customarily insults it with his usual witticisms. In the video, Clarkson claims he owns a Mercedes-Benz SLK, and it is surprising to hear that the acerbic reviewer actually ever liked a car enough to buy one himself.

The dinosaur bit is fun to see too. Top Gear is a top performing series and it's showing in the production values. To shoot your subject cars cavorting with extinct species can't come cheap. In fact, Clarkson is looking a little dinosaur-ish himself. Get that dude some Nivea cream for men.

The results are fairly predictable. The BMW Z4 is the looker and has the softer ride. The Nissan 370Z is the roaring, road-muncher, though a little less refined than the cool Bavarian.

Clarkson recommends the Z4 because it is "slower, less exciting, more expensive, and less well-equipped." Got it?

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