Eagle claims Jaguar E-Type Speedster to be as original as can be. U.K.-based Eagle has re-created a Jaguar E-Type as a speedster with a 4.7 liter engine delivering 340 lb-ft of torque (460 Nm) and weighing in at less than 1100 kg.

How close is this to being an original Jaguar E-Type?

Very much if you ask Eagle, who claim to be more than a E-Type restorer and definitely not a maker of replicas.

But perhaps the East Sussex, U.K.-based Eagle shouldn't be judged solely on the originality of the parts it uses. This Jaguar E-Type speedster should be held accountable on its own merits.

The waterfall console, the custom-made 3-spoke steering wheel, the specially designed 3-eared wheel spinners on the wide alloy spoked rims, amongst other details, certainly help re-create a classic Jaguar styling. Eagle has made sure that the little touches are definitely there, and everywhere, and lay claim to making a true hand-crafted E-Type.

The Eagle 4.7 liter engine also delivers a comfortable 340 lb-ft of torque (460 Nm), plenty of pulling power when considering the car comes in at less than 1100 kg on the weight scale.

Eagle has been around since 1982, long enough to establish a tradition, and certainly time enough to become a reputable automaker.

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