With all the modifications the car is still instantly recognizable. Squint your eyes a little; do you see the 959?

Once again WCF has gone that extra mile to enhance its overall content for you, our valued readers. Joining us is a talented artist, Andrei Avarvarii, who will bring a brand new rendering every Monday, and the first of these is the next generation Porsche Cayman.

It’s a known fact that the Cayman has been suffering from the little-brother syndrome. In order to keep the 911 attractive, Porsche dumbed-down the little coupe. Not much, but enough to justify the price difference and to avoid sales cannibalism. With cars going smaller and greener the Cayman’s advantages over the old rear-engined 911 are really obvious and it would makes sense if Porsche would try and sell the Cayman in larger numbers while keeping the 911 as a more exclusive model and image vector.

With that in mind Andrei felt free to imagine an “uncensored” Cayman 2, with a seductive design making the most of its heritage. All future Zuffenhausen coupes and roadsters would sport round lights that just scream: PORSCHE. The angular varieties can be kept for the “domestic models” (Cayenne, Panamera, Roxster & Co). Another weak point of the current Cayman in terms of design is the side air-intake, this design takes a Carrera GT inspired direction that helps to better differentiate the two coupes. The 911 can stick to the classic look, while the Cayman can be the modern looking model.

Features such as an optional glass roof (becoming mandatory in this increasingly crowded world), the mirror mounted turn signals and LED lights complete this upgraded Porsche.

With all the changes the car is still instantly recognizable. Squint your eyes a little; do you see the 959?

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