A highly advanced EV prototype has been unveiled by Nissan. The production version of this zero-emissions car comes out in 2010. It features an 80kW, 280Nm electric motor and reportedly swift acceleration.

Nissan is forging ahead with developing zero-emission cars. A preview of its electric vehicle EV platform has taken place. The prototype used is based on the Tiida and showcases some admittedly impressive technologies.

For starters it uses a 24kWh laminated compact lithium-ion battery with high power output and energy capacity. The battery is situated under the floor where it does not protrude on the car's loading capacity. The in-house developed battery makes 80kW (109hp) and a strong torque figure of 280Nm. Acceleration is claimed to be seamless and very responsive.

The car's brake regenerative system recharges the battery during deceleration to the extent that, depending on the driver's habits and so on, it can add another 160km of driving from a full charge.

Under the skin is a highly rigid body structure and platform that minimises vibration and external sounds. Other technologies employed include the EV-IT system which has been developed to support full electric driving 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The system connects the car to a global data centre that supports this function.

Inside the display monitor can show how many kilometers are left before the battery goes flat, whether the car will make it to a destination set on the sat nav, and available recharging stations. There is even a timer which can be set to cool the cabin before driving.

Nissan plans to introduce a production version of this EV in 2010 which will have its own unique design. The full production design will be unveiled at Nissan's headquarters on the 2nd of August 2009 and will not look like a Tiida.