Renault has been banned from the forthcoming European grand prix.

Stewards summoned officials for the French team to race control following the Hungarian grand prix in Budapest because Fernando Alonso's right front wheel had fallen off in the wake of a pitstop.

They said video and radio transmissions were studied, and found that Renault "knowingly" allowed the Spanish driver to rejoin the race with a loose wheel nut.

The FIA officials also charged Renault with failing to inform Alonso of the problem "even though the driver contacted the team by radio believing he had a puncture".

"This resulted in a heavy car part (the aerodynamic wheel cover) detaching ... and the wheel itself detaching at turn 9," the stewards' report added.

Renault has been suspended from the next grand prix at Valencia and "reminded of (its) right of appeal".

Stewards, meanwhile, took no action against Kimi Raikkonen for colliding with both Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel at the start, but reprimanded Mark Webber's Red Bull team for unsafely releasing the Australian driver after a pitstop.