Scion has revealed Hako Coupe Concept at the New York Auto Show, a car biased towards the trendsetting young buyer whose life can be summerised with anything starting with an i.

Scion’s 145.7-inch long Hako Coupe Concept being shown at the New York International Auto Show is something to behold. That is, if you are young, feisty and a trendsetter. Inspired by the xB, Hako draws from Japanese and American youth influences to create what Scion says is “a global perspective on today's youth”.

Look at the vertical windscreen that extends slightly into the roof, the trapezoidal LED headlights and 18-inch five-spoke wheels. The Hako’s lines are bold, they mingle with other lines one wouldn’t necessarily put inside the same box. They challenge the eye while giving mystery to their destination. How hot is that wrap-around glass that integrates frameless door windows and rear window.

The theme of youth, what Scion is essentially all about, is carried through by cool items like Bluetooth connection, two video monitors that play stuff connected through the Bluetooth utility. This function is controlled by a large sort of rollerball at the center console, giving Scion’s idea of an onboard computer mouse. Lots of storage space, regardless of the fact that Hako is a four-seater baby, is available for small carry-alongs like cell phones and magazines.

Maybe the coolest thing though are the cameras mounted just below the A-pillars, which can capture moments that driver and/or passengers can later edit for show. Imagine spying a concept car with one of these without even having to leave your car. Really cool.

Scion Reveals Hako Coupe Concept