2009 Ford Flex, unveiled at New York Auto Show, has its roof turned into a canvass for trendy artist Tristan Eaton. His showpieces will be exhibited at the show.

Tristan Eaton, born in England, grew up in Detroit, Michigan, now painting the roof of a 2009 Ford Flex in New York City. Eaton has been given the roof “lid” of a brand new Ford Flex to use as his clean canvass in order to turn it into a masterpiece. No other artist will get the same courtesy from Ford though, so there’s a simiar plan they need to buy their own Ford Flex to paint! Three pieces, all to be exhibited at Ford’s Flex Studio Gallery.

“Tristan Eaton’s art is as fresh and provocative as the new Flex,” said Usha Raghavachari, Ford CUV marketing communications manager. “Flex is like nothing else on the road. It stands out, just like Tristan. You never know where his style will turn up next, but it’s going to turn heads and change minds, just like Flex.”

Eaton, founder of ThunderDog Studios, is better known for designing urban toys (his first for Fisher Price was done when he was 18 years old), says: “This thing is fresh! The Flex roof is a great place for artistic expression, and it’s fun to work in a public space like an auto show, where I get energy from the people.”

Flex’s Cool Lid is turning heads at the Ford stand at the New York Auto Show.

Ford Flex Roof turns to art