A final resolution to F1's political situation is unlikely to be settled in Hungary this weekend, but the end is nigh, Mario Theissen told reporters in Budapest on Thursday.

Bernie Ecclestone said more than a week ago that he would have the situation sorted within 48 hours, and another expected deadline - prior to the Hungarian grand prix - is now due to pass without result.

But BMW's Theissen insists that the cost regulation document, and then the Concorde Agreement, are on the way to being signed off by all parties.

When that occurs, an incredible period of uncertainty and hostility will end, and F1 can look forward to at least a few seasons of relative stability.

"I am really optimistic now," the German said.

"I have been rather pessimistic in the past on both cost reduction and Concorde Agreement, but now it looks like we can do it within a few days," added Theissen.

Asked if the Concorde may be signed this weekend in Hungary, he said: "On a race weekend we have other things to do. But I think (it is achievable) within one week."

The feeling in the Hungaroring paddock is that the clincher has been Max Mosley's confirmation that he will step down as FIA president in October, even though his preferred successor to replace him is the unpopular Jean Todt.

Theissen refused to comment on the prospects of the candidates, also including Ari Vatanen, other than to say they are both "reputable persons" with sufficient knowledge of motor sport.


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