A press release sent out by Daimler today indicates that the 2010 smart fortwo cdi will receive a significant increase in power.  The tiny vehicle's three-cylinder engine will be bumped up to 54 horsepower, up from a hair over 44.

Torque has also been boosted by 18% to 130 Nm.  Never meant to be a speed demon, the fortwo cdi will go 0-100 km/h in almost 17 seconds.  Meanwhile, CO2 emissions is kept relatively low at 88 grams per kilometer.  Fuel consumption remains an efficient 3.4 liters per 100 km, or about 69 miles per US gallon (83 mpg in the UK).

The 2010 model year car will also get some new optional equipment, like a folding armrest, hands-free system, and a color multimedia display.  In Germany, the 2010 smart fortwo cdi coupe will cost €11,790, including tax.  The price is up almost €200 from the '09 model.

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