Nissan is introducing a new navigation system that passes on a whole host of information to the driver, and is able to slow down a vehicle in certain situations.

Nissan is introducing a new navigation system that warns drivers of a variety of road hazards.  The system also calculates routes faster than previous sat-navs that Nissan has made available.

The new features are part of the "intelligent transportation system" (ITS), and warn the driver about upcoming "low-visibility" intersections, speed traps, and school zones.  It also uses "Navigation-linked Speed Control" which takes control of the engine and transmission should the driver approach a tollbooth or sharp curve at a high rate of speed.  The feature is already available on the Nissan Eco series.

Testing on the ITS began three years ago, when Nissan started to explore ways of reducing congestion by allowing cars to communicate with infrastructure units.  Japan's Universal Traffic Management Society, the corporate branch of the National Police Agency, has adopted the use of a Driving Safety Support System which sends out various alert beacons that are received and interpreted by Nissan's ITS.  The ITS interprets the data and passes it along.

The new system will become available on the Nissan Fuga.  The luxury car will be put on the market in Japan at the end of the year.

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